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Introducing Orpheus

An artisanal musical instrument that releases ethereal sounds using friction

Orpheus is a 21st century modern interpretation of an instrument known as Euphone invented by Ernst Chladni back in 1790.
Cristal Baschet by renowned Baschet brothers was to follow in this family of instruments in the 50s.
Orpheus follows this tradition of friction activated instruments to challenge new sonic explorations.
The instrument consists of a set of metal bars with paired acoustical resonators and threaded rods, all arranged on a wooden steady base.
Aluminium as our medium of choice guarantees long sustain and a smooth focused tone,
where resonating tubes enhance vigorously its sonic radiation.
Stainless steel rods serve to excite initially the vibration when rubbed with wet fingers.
This blend ends up in a unique sensory experience.

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