Most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers are listed below per subject.
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About Orpheus Euphone

Every instrument is made to order, thus an average of 2 weeks is required for the standard series of 7,9,11 notes.

Sure, be sure to send us an email with your requested scale/tuning so we can discuss further details.

Yes, any number of notes is doable – within available range.

With our current experimentation we can go as low as C3=130.81hz (with A=440hz).

A total range of full 3 octaves is possible ranging from C3 to C6.

Both, just choose your desired tuning in the product variations.

With every purchase of an Orpheus you will receive the instrument diassembled as follows:

  • A number of individual notes preassembled to their resonators
  • A number of stainless steel rods
  • A wooden Base
  • An assembly kit (Wrench key + Allen key)

Yes it is quite straightforward. You just have to fit the notes in the base and tighten the rods into the the notes (you can do it in reverse order as well).
You can also watch the assembly video here.

The wrench key is to tighten the rods if you here any buzz. Note it is quite rare to face this issue, but if you do, just tighten a little with care not to break anything. An allen key is also provided, that can be used if any notes get loose from the base in time.

Orpheus is quite robust but still needs normal attention and care. Most fragile part obviously would be the rods, but even if you apply that great force to break any, it is something that is easily replaceable. Just be gentle like you normally would with any other musical instrument.

It is advised that you dry after playing each part that got wet. You can also clean the rods with some alchool or vinegar from time to time, for ease of play. Keep away from direct sun for long duration.

No! there is no need for retuning, The tuning is meant to stay stable. Slight deviations are natural with extreme changes in temperature / humidity, but the instrument will “retune” itself back when in normal conditions again.

About Shipping

We mostly ship our instruments with FedEx/TNT.

The standard delivery time is approx 5-15 days.

About Onar Sounds

In a small island named “Syros” in Greece, EU

It all started amateurly back in 2011 with a wooden cajon and some didgeridoos’ following later. A crucial breakpoint was around 2017 where the first Onar chimes where commercially available. Soon after that it started the complete dedication in musical instruments research, design and crafting that has resulted in a handful of unique instruments since.